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 Financial freedom through collective debt elimination and business ownership.

Mission Statement:

   Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement, our mission is to eliminate the personal debt of our members and provide the opportunity for business ownership through profit participation. As a collective of the like-minded,  uses member donations to achieve financial freedom and security for our members. By issuing membership rewards on a monthly basis, as well as opening small businesses owned by our members, the goal is to become a community within the community, owned, operated and supported by each other, dependent upon each other to succeed.     

Benefits of Membership:

   Membership Rewards*

     One opportunity per month to receive a membership reward. Each membership reward will be no less than 50% of your tier's monthly collected membership donations. There will be one membership reward per tier per month (beginning when your tier reaches 10 members). Each recipient will be posted on The membership reward will be in the form of debt relief. If a recipient has no debt, or debt is exhausted, the reward or remainder will be cash (Applicable taxes are the responsibility of the recipient).  Remaining member donations will be deposited into a named fund designated for business development, acquisition, marketing, and administration. 

Example:            a Gold membership
@ $10 / month x 1000 members = $10,000   
= a $5,000 membership reward ! 

   Business Ownership**

     As each business is established, a random drawing will be held where 10 members are chosen (from all tiers combined). These members will share in up to 80% of the profits of the business. Kodoclub will retain a 20% stake in each business for marketing and administrative purposes. Your ownership percentage will be based on the tier that you are in.

Example:      Silver Member          = 4% ownership
              Gold Member           = 6% ownership
               Platinum Member  = 8% ownership

   All members will have the opportunity to support and work with business entities established by the business fund.

   ***Once again with the passage of their tax plan, the Republican party has shown that the government of the people, is being used by the rich, for the rich. How many examples do they have to give before we accept that we are not on their agenda? In their America, our role is to work hard and pay our taxes - taxes that they creatively and unapologetically find ways to put in their pockets.***

   It's time to stop waiting for politicians to do for us! The time is NOW to DO FOR OURSELVES!!! Our collective participation is what is necessary if we are to have the financial freedom and security we all deserve. A prosperous future is within reach. We must only become active participants to achieve it.

* Don't forget - tell your friends about! Set a goal. How many members can you sign up? Remember
, United We Stand - Divided We Crawl!

Choose Your Membership Tier:

1) Silver Membership
Price: $5.00
1) Silver Membership
2) Gold Membership
Price: $10.00
2)  Gold Membership
3) Platinum Membership
Price: $20.00
3)  Platinum Membership


        * IMPORTANT *      > Join by choosing your membership.
                                                                  >  Go to to sign the petition 
                                                                         to the American people.
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Contact Us:            

Business Address:   2317 Louise Ave.
                                 Los Angeles, CA
                                 U.S.A.        90032
                                 (310) 902-3331

   * Cancellation Policy *   Membership in will be canceled within 24
                                          hours of receipt and acknowledgment of member request.

   *  Membership reward, member reward, refer to all monies received
       by members of
   ** Own, ownership, ownership percentage, refer to the percentage 
       of profit participation.
   * retains the right to revise terms at any time. 

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